Japanese cars top reliability poll

15 September 2012

Japanese cars are the most reliable, according to a survey.
Honda, Toyota and Lexus cars took the first three places in a reliability table compiled by the Warranty Direct company and What Car? Based on cars between three and 10 years old, the survey showed that Hondas have only a 10% chance of breaking down in any given 12-month period. The rate for Toyota was 17% and for Lexus 18%, with Japanese models dominating the top 10 in the reliability table.

In contrast, Land Rover was 36th and last in the table for reliability, with a breakdown rate of 71%. Luxury cars such as Jaguar (43% breakdown rate) and Mercedes-Benz (45%) were towards the bottom of the table.

Just one non-Far East manufacturer – Chrysler – made it into the top 10. What Car editor in chief Chas Hallett said: “Reliability is so important to motorists, especially when times are tough. Japanese car makers really do deliver on reliability and Honda is exceptionally good at this. “What will be surprising to many is the fact that several of the more desirable brands did not fare so well regarding reliability, and the cost of their repairs are high. They need to do better.”

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/motoring/motoring-news/japanese-cars-top-reliability-poll-7978483.html

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