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The GreenWise Cars and authors of those documents do not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed. Any dis-assembly of or modifications made to your vehicle using this guide are done at your own risk and are not recommended or endorsed by GreenWise Cars. Such dis-assembly or modifications may damage your vehicle, void its warranty, or cause personal injury.

Toyota Prius 2006 (Pocket Reference Guide)

This Pocket Reference Guide is a summary of basic vehicle operations. It contains brief descriptions of fundamental operations so you can locate and use the vehicle’s main equipment quickly and easily.

Toyota Prius 2011-2012 ZVW30 User Manual

Please note that this manual applies to all models and explains all equipment, including options. Therefore, you may find some explanations for equipment not installed on your vehicle.

Toyota Harrier or Lexus RX 400h Hybrid User Manual

We invite you to discover more about the revolutionary Lexus RX 400h and Lexus Hybrid System in the pages of this booklet. For further details, contact your dealership, see the vehicle Owner’s Manual and other owner information materials in the vehicle, or log onto

Toyota Prius User-Guide (2004 – 2007 models)

Toyota Prius User-Guide Seventh Edition, Second Revision for the HSD (2004-2007 models).

The Miracle of Hybrid Technology

The car of the future is here – now!

The Prius That Shook The World

How Toyota Developed The World’s First MASS-PRODUCTION HYBRID Vehicle.

Toyota Prius 2004-2009 DIY Stereo Installation Guide

The following guide describes how to disassemble the dashboard of the 2004 Toyota Prius in order to remove the stereo to install aftermarket accessories. It was written by an average Prius owner who has no formal electrical or automotive maintenance training, so use at your own risk.

Toyota Prius Rear View Monitor System

Use theses procedures to troubleshoot the rear view monitor system.

Toyota Prius 2004-2009 Stereo Installation Manual

2004-2005 Prius XM Radio Installation Instructions By Eddie Bell

Toyota Audio DiagnosticsManual

Toyota Audio Diagnosis – AVC-LAN All ’98 Models. Toyota Technical Service BULLETIN July 24, 1998.

Toyota Hybrid System Russian

Гибридная система TOYOTA, Схема системы, Трансмиссия THS, Высокоэффективный двигатель, Технические характеристики THS

Toyota Prius 2004 System Wiring Diagrams

Hybrid System Circuits (7 Diagrams, PDF, zip archive)

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