Honda Edix 6 Seater Review

Honda Edix Review

Honda Edix – Changing the Future of MPV’s

From the exterior, the Edix is a very attractive looking vehicle, looking like an overgrown Civic hatch, but a little wider, a lot higher, and about the same length. Dimensions are 4285mm overall length, 1610mm overall height, a wheelbase of 2680mm, and an overall width of 1795mm. A short snub nose that is characteristic of the latest generation of MPVs’, a sloping bonnet line that is carried through the front windscreen and blends into the roof line, and a steep drop at the rear, together with waistline formed by the window sills that rake forwards and downwards from the rear to the front, makes the Edix look like a large wedge ready to carve a path through the wind. I am not so good at descriptions like this, see the pictures, and judge for yourself.

Most impressive is the width, and you will see what I mean, because the moment you open the door, you will note that there are three seats in the front row, and three in the back row, making the Edix effectively a six-seater. This idea is not new, as the older ones amongst us will recall the bench seats in the cars of the 1950s and the 1960’s. The Fiat Multipla was one of the few new recent models that made seats in the configuration, but perhaps it never took off because of its very unusual shape. This configuration is quite interesting. If you have a girlfriend in the car with you, she can snuggle real close to you while you are driving. However, if you are married and your mother in law has to come along for the ride, heaven help you if she decides to sit in the middle (just joking). The front centre seat (let’s call it fondly from now on as the MIL seat) folds forward to serve as a coffee table; the seat bottom also opens up to reveal a tray for you to put drinks and food in if the seat is unoccupied.

The seats are velour material, and are comfortable, although some bigger sized individuals may find them a little narrow. The front seats recline fully, and with a little bit of rearrangement, one can get a large bed-like set-up in the Edix. Legroom is excellent for both front and rear passengers, but the rear seats only recline about 20mm. I would venture to say that only the front passengers are pampered, while the rear passengers have to make do. Boot space is enough to take light luggage for four to six people. However, the rear seats can be folded forwards to form a completely flat bed for large articles.

The engine is a K20A 4-cylinder DOHC, 4-valve per cylinder unit featuring I-Vtec. Rated at 156ps at 6500 rpm, and delivering 188Nm of torque at 4000 rpm, the Edix is a well-balanced vehicle that is responsive to drive. The free-revving engine, well matched to a 4-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission that is also auto-adaptive, transmits drive to the front wheels. Speed per 1000 rpm is approximately 46 kilometres per hour, and at the highway regulation speed of 110 km/hr, the engine is ticking over at a little under 2500 rpm. For fast overtaking, a little button on the gear lever shifts the gear down fourth to third, and holds it there until you release it. Incidentally, the gear lever is located on the dashboard.

Top speed is 180 km/hr; the speedometer is the Japanese local spec type, and reads only up to 180 km/hr. We maxed it out on a slight downhill on the new highway to the east coast. Claimed fuel consumption under Japanese test conditions is 8.2 litres per 100 kilometres; our test used up about RM140.00 over a distance of 960 kilometres. This works out to be approximately 14.5 sen per kilometre, or approximately 10.3 litres per 100 kilometres, and this represents excellent fuel consumption. We drove over mixed terrain, and our speeds ranged between normal highway cruising at regulation speeds, some town and country road driving, and also some high speed runs. A full tank of petrol will take the Edix easily over 500 kilometres.

Acceleration from zero t o100 kilometres per hour was achieved in 12.3 seconds with three people in the vehicle, and air-conditioner running, a very respectable figure indeed.

Handling is a little on the soft side for my liking, but it is a real benefit to passengers. Mine felt very comfortable throughout the journey, and I would think that the family man who is likely to be the buyer of the Edix would have nothing to complain about. Around corners, it does roll a little, but after that, it will tuck in and take the corner easily. The trick is to gently squeeze the throttle as you go through; the front wheel drive will pull you through safely.

Suspension is independent all around, with coil springs on ll 4 wheels, and stabilizers both on the front and rear axles. Brakes are vented discs in front, and solid discs at the rear. The ‘handbrake’ is foot operated, and works on a inner drum built into the rear disc. ABS is standard equipment. No details are available on other safety features except for what we could see, and these were the seatbelts, one for every seat, SRS airbags for driver and passenger.

The air-conditioning is excellent, to the point of being too cold, but the radio is Japanese spec, and cannot receive the popular local stations. I am sure the local importers would be making a change before selling these units.

Generally, the Edix is an excellent vehicle for the family. It behaves well, is easy to handle, and offers some level of exclusivity because it is imported in limited numbers. After all, it is a Honda, and Honda make good cars.

Footnote: Soon Hing are having a launch of this model on Sunday 06 March at their Showroom off Jalan Kucing. You might be able to get a free test drive and some goodies are promised to the first 50 customers.


Honda introduces new 3×2 Edix Minivan

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today introduced “Edix,” a distinctive new minivan featuring six independent seats in two rows of three (‘3×2’ layout), creating a variety of communication-enhancing seating arrangements in an easy-handling vehicle with a short, wide body. The Edix goes on sale July 8th at Honda automobile dealers throughout Japan.

The 3×2 minivan design of the Edix delivers new value, offering a versatile communication space that enables vehicle occupants to share the fun of mobility as never before. Six independent seats are arranged in two rows of three, with the front and rear center seats mounted on long slides that allow for a V-pattern seat layout. This provides three-person, side-by-side seating without excessive vehicle width. What’s more, the long slide mechanism on the front center seat makes it possible to position the seat well back of the instrument panel and any deploying airbags, permitting the safer installation of a child seat. This 3×2 layout enables passengers to flexibly position their seats based on the number and relationship of the occupants, creating a new type of communication space that allows occupants of the front and rear rows to share the same view and conversation.

Edix’s 3×2 minivan style offers numerous other advantages as well, such as a short, wide stance that helps create a dynamic, wedge-style exterior and a spacious, modern interior with a high quality feel. Further, despite the modest overall length, the Edix’s wide tread ensures stable handling and a smooth ride, combined with versatile seating that provides ample cargo space, even with six passengers on board.

Key Features Packaging and Utility · Six independent seats are arranged in two rows of three with the front and rear center seats mounted on long slides that allow for a unique, V-pattern seat layout. In determining the position of the front center seat’s slide, careful consideration was given to the safety of child occupants and driver control in the event of an accident. The long slide length (270mm) means that the seat is not only capable of accommodating a child in a child seat, but also permits three occupants to ride comfortably abreast with their shoulders staggered for extra room.

· When slid back, the front center seat forms an intermediate row between the front and rear rows, bringing front and rear occupants closer together, and making conversation easier.

· The seat frame width is more compact, while the seat surface width and thickness have been maintained to ensure comfort. Pillars are positioned upright to provide ample head clearance, while a flat floor ensures plenty of legroom for three to ride side-by-side in comfort, without adding unduly to overall vehicle width.

· Although the Edix is relatively short, the 3×2 layout is used to full advantage to secure an ample luggage space of 439 liters, even with six people on board. Further, the three independent, one-touch fold-flat rear seats can be easily stowed to create a variety of seating arrangements. Folding all the rear seats down flat creates a maximum luggage space of 1,049 liters—enough room to accommodate three 26-inch mountain bikes—while still providing seating for three up front. Or the front and rear center seats can be folded down to accommodate long objects, even with four people on board.

· With the seatback folded down, the front center seat converts into an extra-large, combination armrest and tray, which creates a relaxing, comfortable space for the driver and passenger when two are riding on the front seat. Other convenient features incorporated into the versatile front center seat include an inner double tray and an under-seat box.

Design Exterior Design · Based on a theme of ‘sporty & dynamic’, the 3×2 minivan style takes full advantage of the short-yet-spacious design made possible by the 3×2 package.

Interior Design · The instrument panel employs a spacious, lateral-keynote design to emphasize the breadth of the cabin interior. The entire lower portion of the instrument panel has been cut back to open up a spacious foot well, while the center panel employs a minimum of uneven surfaces to maximize front center-seat passenger safety.

· The six independent seats are designed in the image of modern chairs placed around a living room.

· Three interior colors, orange-tone Espresso (with center seats shaded slightly lighter to emphasize the independence of the six seats), Warm Gray, and Black, are available.

Engine & Transmission · The Edix is equipped with one of two engines. One is a 2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine that combines Honda’s unique Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) with Variable Timing Control (VTC), which continuously optimizes intake valve timing in response to engine load. The other is a 1.7-liter VTEC engine, which combines fuel economy with nimble driving performance.

2.0-liter DOHC i-VTEC engine Max. output: 115kW (156PS) / Max. torque: 188N-m (19.2kg-m)6 1.7-liter VTEC engine Max. output: 96kW (130PS) / Max. torque: 155N-m (15.8kg-m)7

· The 20X is equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission to take full advantage of the i-VTEC engine’s performance characteristics. Other models are equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission that delivers torquey performance along with superior fuel economy.

Chassis & Body · The vehicle’s wide tread—a prominent feature of the 3×2 package—allows all occupants to be positioned within the wheelbase, for a balanced ride with little front-rear load shifting.

· The front toe-control link strut suspension and the rear reactive-link double-wishbone suspension use the stability of the wide tread to full advantage to maintain superb handling stability with slightly softer settings, for a pliant, comfortable ride.

· Stronger body materials, the use of lighter insulators, and optimized engine mounts and sound insulation materials combine to promote a quiet interior environment, for more enjoyable communication.

· The wide tread permits a large turning angle for the front wheels, resulting in a minimum turning radius of 4.9m—top in its class for 1.7-liter and 2.0-liter minivans.

· The front center seat is designed to be positioned posterior to the driver and front side passenger seats regardless of slide position, securing enough distance from the instrument panel to safely install a junior child seat.

· ISO FIX-compatible child seat anchoring bars and tether anchors are standard on the front center seat, as well as on the left and right rear seats. All three rear seats and the front center seat are also equipped with ALR (Automatic Locking Retractor) seat belts to facilitate the installation of non ISO FIX-compatible child seats.

· All six seats are equipped with 3-point seat belts. On the front center seat, the seat belt is built in and the seat and seat mounts are reinforced, ensuring enhanced safety to go with the long slide mechanism.

· An extra-large, combination ‘side-and-center’ passenger side SRS airbag (standard equipment) protects passengers in both the side and center front passenger seats.

· The Edix is equipped with a front-seat i-side airbag system and side curtain airbag system.

· Honda’s original G-CON (G-force Control) technology is incorporated to create a body with a crash safety design that is among the best in the world. It can withstand a 55km/h full-frontal collision, a 64km/h front offset collision, 55km/h side collision, and a 50km/h rear collision.

· The pedestrian injury reduction body is designed to absorb the impact to a pedestrian’s head and lower limbs in the event of an accident, reducing injury severity.

(Note to editors: the car will be known as Honda FR-V in Europe).


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